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Hey long time no see

2010-04-08 17:03:24 by lollipopers582

Hey newgrounds ive been learning lots of as3 now. like all the time. now i am an intermediate and i know many things about programming so i promise no more shity games like my past 2 games. i now know how to use AS3 fully and use OOP and XML in AS3. i am currently working on a real game that uses real physics not the crapy shit from my other games and i will get a real artist not a shity artist that is me.

well this game is realy cool and fun thats all im going to say cuz i dont want to spoil things up but still im relly taking my time on this one and not rushing it.

thats all.


2009-09-25 19:03:03 by lollipopers582

Hey i'm making a new game for halloween it will be my first major game and it will be a shooter.
the reason because i haven't made any new game recently is because it was my birthday. i also got rejected for the first time T_T i was sad for a week, but now i'm better(kinda). i have also decided to make a game for every newgrounds special day(pico day, madness day...).

that's all


2009-04-18 16:22:53 by lollipopers582

hehe sup im makin a series in ng called adventures of kenny and rex